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Product mix length refers to the ________.

A) number of versions offered for each product in the line
B) ways in which the various product lines are related
C) number of different product lines the company carries
D) total number of items a company carries within its product lines
E) total market share captured by the entire product line

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» A local grocer groups his customers into specific groups based on what they buy and when they shop. The grocer then schedules shipments of specific items based on these customer segments and offers different promotions to different customer groups.
» A market-oriented organization recognizes that different customer groups want different features or benefits.
» A product/service differentiation competitive advantage refers to defining a business in terms of goods and services rather than in terms of the benefits customers seek.
» Market segments can be differentiated by ethnicity and multicultural aspects.
» Market segments cannot be differentiated by demographic characteristics.

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Right on time. Thanks a bunch.