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What are four devices for narrowing an Internet search and avoiding information overload?

What will be an ideal response?

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the "plus" sign, AND, NEAR, and NOT

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» Researchers who investigate cultures differences from their own often use the ________ method to gather information.
» Based upon information gathered from television and movies, one might assume that coming from a same-sex-parent home is not common. A person's identity may be influenced by these sources, which are referred to as ________ others.
» Your organizational structures are also called ________ and tell you what information belongs together and how to understand what you perceive.
» The part of the perception process known as ________ involves attending to just a narrow range of the full array of sensory information available and ignoring the remainder.
» Organization is the part of the perception process that involves focusing on a narrow range of the information available in your environment.

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Here to give you a feedback, your answer was right! Awesome