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A recent survey of hiring professionals revealed that

A) most employers understand that candidates may need to answer their mobile phones during the interview, and that doing so has no effect on the outcome.
B) candidates who answer mobile phone calls during interviews are more likely to get the job because they are perceived as busy and important.
C) answering mobile phone calls or texting in the middle of an interview is the most common mistake candidates make during their interviews.
D) candidates who warn the interviewer ahead of time that they might have to answer a call during the interview have a better chance of getting the job than those who do not.
E) not answering a call during an interview is an indication that clients or customers will also be ignored.

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Explanation: C) Answering phones can be almost a reflex with some people. The only way to make sure you are not interrupted by a call or message is to turn off your phone before you enter the interview room.

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I can not tell you how much you just made me happy!!!!!!THX. You rock!

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