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[1] Why was Madison particularly concerned about factions in The Federalist, No. 10? a. He believed that factions pursuing their self-interest would work against the broader public interest. b. He worried that factions were too focused on the public good and that they neglected to take care of their own needs. c. He worried that the Constitution did not provide enough opportunities for factions to be involved in politics. d. He worried that the faction he belonged to would lose power if the Constitution was ratified.

[2] What did the Supreme Court declare unconstitutional in its 2014 decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission? a. the aggregate limit on individual contributions to candidates, party committees, or PACs b. individual contribution limits to any particular candidate, party committee, or PAC c. limits on corporations' and unions' use of general funds for election-specific ads d. limits on corporations' and unions' use of general funds to contribute to particular candidates

[3] What is the single most important element that lobbyists provide to members of Congress? a. financial resources for reelection campaigns b. political information c. substantive information d. volunteers for campaign activities

[4] Concern over the use of money to influence politicians dates to __________. a. the beginning of the twentieth century b. the ratification of the Constitution in 1791 c. Andrew Jackson's administration in the 1830s d. Ulysses S. Grant's administration in the 1870s

[5] Which of the following actions might boost union membership in the United States? a. increase national minimum wage rates b. increase the number of states with closed shops c. increase the number of states with open shops d. offer free ridership to more union members

[6] What did the 2012 election highlight about the disclosure of lobbying activity? a. Most voters are unconcerned about disclosure. b. Disclosure has a significant impact on election outcomes. c. Disclosure rules are highly effective. d. Disclosure sometimes does not occur until after key election contests.

[7] When an interest group's members share common views on the aims of the organization, it is said to be __________. a. strong b. resourceful c. concentrated d. cohesive

[8] You are the leader of a consumer rights group that has been unable to get a meeting with its elected representative in Congress. How could you get the attention of your legislator on the issues your group cares about? a. Organize a demonstration in the representative's district and invite the media. b. File an amicus curiae brief. c. Draft a bill and introduce it in Congress. d. Contact the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

[9] Since Congress passed the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act in 2007, senators must wait _________ after leaving office before they are allowed to become lobbyists. a. six months b. one year c. two years d. four years


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