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[1] Identify and explain the three-dimensional model of sexual problems. Using the model, diagnose the following situation: a 35-year-old woman is unable to achieve orgasm with her current partner; however, she has had orgasms with past partners. What will be an ideal response?

[2] Complete the following sentence. Sexual pain in men is _____________. a. more common than sexual pain in women b. less common and less well-researched than sexual pain in women c. experienced only in men over 50 years old d. the most frequently cited reason that men attend a doctor for sexual problems

[3] Identify and define the six factors that cause relationship problems. Explain how these factors can contribute to sexual problems in a relationship. What will be an ideal response?

[4] Describe hypoactive sexual desire. Provide an explanation of its causes and two treatment strategies. What will be an ideal response?

[5] Which of the following is a known cause of sexual pain in men? a. inflammation of the skin on the penis due to vigorous masturbation without lubricant b. hormonal imbalances c. using drugs during sex d. eating spicy foods before sex

[6] Define sensate focus. Provide a step-by-step explanation as to how this method is used as a therapeutic intervention. What will be an ideal response?

[7] Define female orgasmic disorder. Provide an explanation of its causes. Explain how sensate focus and masturbation exercises are used as a treatment for it. What will be an ideal response?

[8] Maria went to the doctor because she experiences pain in her vagina during sexual intercourse. Her doctor most likely diagnosed her with _______. a. dyspareunia b. genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder c. sexual aversion disorder d. female orgasmic disorder

[9] Premature ejaculation is the ________ sexual complaint of men. a. most common b. least common c. most misunderstood d. least studied


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