Introductory Nutrition


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[1] In Turkey, what does Seker Bayram mean? a. "olive festival" b. sugar festival" c. "egg festival" d. "apple festival" e. "children's festival"

[2] Discuss the pros and cons of gastric bypass and gastric banding surgeries for weight loss.

[3] What pre-Lenten holiday that is similar to Carnival or Mardi Gras is celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church? a. Apokreas b. Ramadan c. Shabbat d. Krsna Slava e. Eid al-Fitr

[4] Discuss the role of environmental stimuli in the development of obesity.

[5] Middle Eastern Jews may select what dish for breakfast? a. halim b. tiropetes c. sabikh d. bulgur e. mezze

[6] Briefly describe the set-point theory and its role as a cause of obesity.

[7] What are the sweet, stuffed pancakes eaten by Middle Eastern Jews called? a. kataif b. sabikh c. falafel d. tahini e. bureks

[8] The Dukan Diet _____ daily exercise and provides a(n) _____ structured plan a. encourages; individually b. discourages; loosely c. encourages; loosely d. discourages; highly e. encourages; highly

[9] In Greece the main meal, eaten in the afternoon, starts with appetizers such as a. kebabs. b. baba ganouj. c. liptao. d. tarator. e. orme.


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