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What is a diagnostically important difference between Jarrod's (7;0 years) repeated productions of the word birthday cake /bɝθde kek/ → [bɜθdeɪkʰeɪʔk], [bɜfdeːpʰeɪʔt] and [bɜθdæɪˌtʰʌʔt] and Michael's (4;2 years) repeated productions of the word birthday cake /bɝθde kek/ → [bɜ] [bɜʔ] and [bɜ]?

a) Michael's productions show syllable segregation and Jarrod's do not show syllable segregation.
b) Jarrod's productions show the use of the interdental fricative [θ] and Michael's do not.
c) Jarrod's productions of birthday cake would be more intelligible than Michael's.
d) Jarrod is using Australian English vowels and diphthongs whereas Michael is using General American English vowels.

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