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The therapist is setting up an INOvent to administer inhaled NO to a neonatal patient. The therapist wants to deliver a concentration of 20 ppm of NO to this patient. What must the therapist do to the INOvent before attaching it to the patient?

A. Disconnect the INOvent from the Y-piece in the inspiratory breathing circuit before turning on the flowmeter.
B. Turn off the following alarms before setting the O2 flow and the injector: loss of gas pressure, calibration required, and delivery system failure.
C. Set an O2 flow of 15 L/minute and squeeze the bag four times to clear residual NO2.
D. Activate the dual channels to control NO delivery and to monitor the INOvent output.

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A. Incorrect response: See explanation C.
B. Incorrect response: See explanation C.
C. Correct response: A manual NO delivery system is provided by the INOvent delivery system. With an O2 flow to the manual ventilator set at 15 L/minute, INOvent injects gas to provide an NO concentration of 20 ppm. As with any manual ventilator system for NO, the bag should be squeezed three to five times to clear residual NO2 before the ventilator is attached to the patient.
D. Incorrect response: See explanation C.

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Right on time. Thanks a bunch.