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What was the outcome of a study conducted by Gross et al using heliox on mechanically ventilated infants with bronchiolitis?

A. Heliox improved pulmonary compliance.
B. Heliox reduced airway resistance.
C. No improvement in gas exchange occurred from breathing heliox.
D. Length of stay in the ICU was less because of heliox.

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A. Incorrect response: See explanation C.
B. Incorrect response: See explanation C.
C. Correct response: Gross et al assessed the response to heliox in a case series involving 10 mechanically ventilated infants with bronchiolitis. Heliox did not improve gas exchange during mechanical ventilation, and no significant changes in Pao2 or Paco2 were noted.
D. Incorrect response: See explanation C.

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Here to give you a feedback, your answer was right! Awesome

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